‘Morale is high and staff feel as if they can make a difference to students’ achievement.'

'Students told inspectors that the diversity within the school is a strength and that this helps define the school.'
Ofsted 2017

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William Morris Sixth Form

Welcome From The Principal

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Welcome to William Morris Sixth Form and congratulations on successfully progressing to your next step in education. By joining our community you have gained membership to one of London’s most successful and friendly sixth form providers.

William Morris Sixth Form in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham was established in 1994 as the country’s first 16-19 school. WMSF is renowned as a centre of inclusive excellence for 16-19 students from West London and beyond. 

At our school you are a key part of a learning community. We place great emphasis on keeping our students focused on study and maintaining a calm and purposeful environment for learning. We are also a caring community in which individuals are valued and given support and help as needed.

You will have a great opportunity here to learn and make progress in your chosen subjects. My advice to you is to make the most of your time here by attending all lessons, completing independent study and making sure all homework is completed on time. Ask for help and always act on the advice given by teachers to help you improve.

We work in partnership with secondary schools in the borough and also offer places to a wide range of students from across London (our present students come from over 100 schools or colleges).

We are proud of the way that we work with our students. We promise to work with you to get the best results you are capable of. We will keep you informed on how you are progressing and what you must do to improve further. In addition, our enrichment activities will enable you to have a rewarding and fulfilling time providing you with opportunities to develop new interests and experiences.

We celebrate the fact that we are a diverse, mixed and cohesive Sixth Form school, reflective of our communities. We are a proudly secular institution which recognises all religions – but favours none. We want to be a model of people working together, united by a strong common purpose to develop and achieve while supporting each other.

We use a friendly but firm approach working with you as young adults and helping you to progress. In return we expect you to make the most of the learning opportunities we provide and also to have respect for everyone in our community. We have a zero tolerance for poor behaviour and students who do not meet our expectations regarding behaviour and respect put their place here at risk.

We believe that William Morris Sixth Form is a special place and think that the following features are key factors in our success:

  • our high expectations of student and staff performance

  • our concern and care for the individual

  • our guidance and the quality of our advice on course choice and progression

  • our exciting range of courses

  • our very good facilities and learning resources

  • our enrichment programme

  • our opportunities for personal development

  • our relatively small size of approximately 870 students

  • our strong tutorial system based on the best sixth form practice

  • our range of student support services

  • our enthusiasm, dedication and the commitment of our staff.

I understand that starting at a new school can be stressful. Please feel free to discuss any concerns, questions or problems with your teachers or tutor. Myself and other members of my leadership team - Maurice Hartnett, Pia Khan, Kate Mitchell, Nick Smith, and John Shakespeare are also always available to help you.

All members of staff take a great interest in what you have to say and how you are progressing with us. We are determined to develop a positive and productive working relationship with every one of you. And remember - you have now entered into an adult learning environment so please; all staff here would ask that you call them by their first name.

I look forward to welcoming you to William Morris Sixth Form, working together and celebrating our successes as a community.

Matthew Coulbeck