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Uganda Partnership

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The link between William Morris Sixth Form, All our Children and Educational projects in Kabale, Uganda 

The link was launched in April 2003 when a session on Kigezi High School (KHS) and life in Uganda was held for all WMSF students as part of our tutorial programme. At the same time, WMSF started sponsoring a KHS pupil, Saidi Mbaraka, whose father's death in 2003 meant that his family were unable to continue to pay his school fees. The money was initially raised through fining students £1 for breaking WMSF mobile phone rules. We also sent text books, some laboratory equipment, computers and art materials, and a student raised £200 for a project supporting AIDS orphans in the town. In return, students and staff at KHS provided materials for several tutorials at WMSF on life at KHS and on AIDS in Uganda, sent written materials and a video for the teaching of the infectious diseases topic on A level Biology, and exchanged some artwork with our art department.

In 2007 the decision was made to make an educational visit to KHS during the Easter holidays, with staff funding their own costs of £1000 and students each contributing £300 – a substantial commitment financially and in terms of giving up free time.

Upon the first group’s arrival, the KHS teachers were very responsive to our suggestions for building in more active learning strategies and WMSF staff gained first-hand experience of the challenges faced by Ugandan teachers in teaching huge classes in ill-equipped classrooms, with few or no resources, all for very low pay. There was a mixture of demonstration lessons taught by WMSF teachers, joint teaching, and KHS teachers trying out resources and methods suggested by us.

Over the subsequent annual visits, the number of projects in and around Kabale has grown to incorporate the Wise Parents Day Nursery, Blessed Academy Primary School, the Kabale Arts Centre, Educate a Child Uganda, Pentagon Secondary School and, more recently, Taufiq Islamic Primary School, Lake Bunyonyi Vocational College and the National Teaching College.

As a result of the strong link between WMSF staff and the projects in Kabale, a number of staff, in conjunction with a school in Oxford and an existing Ugandan charity, came together to found the charity All Our Children. The charity has three main aims: to advance the education and student support in selected schools in South West Uganda through school partnerships; to relieve poverty through the support of community welfare projects linked to such schools; and to advance the education of disadvantaged UK students through work placements in these schools and projects.

The project is now heading into its twelfth year and April 2017 will mark the eleventh year that WMSF staff, students and ex-students will have visited Kabale to participate in two-weeks of hands-on educational and social projects.