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Many people seek counselling because they are worried about something in their lives which may leave them feeling anxious or distressed. The opportunity to talk about their concerns to a trained and experienced counsellor can be a great help in relieving their anxiety and in achieving a new understanding of their difficulties.

Counselling is available to all students at William Morris Sixth Form. The Counsellors provide free, confidential, individual counselling. A counselling session lasts 50 minutes and is usually weekly. However, a single session may be sufficient or several weekly sessions might be needed.


Some of the reasons that someone might decide to go for counselling include:

Depression, low esteem

Self-harming or suicidal feelings

Eating disorders

Difficulties with family or other relationships

Loss of a family member or friend

Physical or sexual abuse

Bullying or verbal abuse

Sexuality or gender identity

Phobias or fears

Of course there are other things that can be troubling as well. But whatever the issue is, your counsellor will listen to you and try to understand what is happening from your perspective. He or she will not have any pre-conceived ideas about you or make any judgements about you or your situation. The counsellor will respect you as an individual and try to help you find your own solutions to the things that are troubling you.


Confidentiality is taken very seriously within the Student Counselling Service. All conversations are treated in the strictest of confidence unless there is a serious safeguarding concern. The Counsellors receive regular supervision from external supervisors, who are also bound by confidentiality. The Student Counselling Service is based in the ‘Student Services Centre’ and is open three days a week.