'Students receive regular work- related and employability skills development through the tutorial programme.'

Ofsted 2017

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Values and Ethos

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Since the founding of William Morris Sixth Form in 1994, our school has been guided by a series of strong values. Every member of both the staff and student bodies represent these values, and work hard to promote an inclusive and creative ethos.

We take inspiration from a recent Ofsted report which described William Morris as a place of ‘inclusive excellence’, and always ensure that those words are reflected in the teaching and support given to our students.

As well as ‘inclusive excellence’, William Morris is proud to embody the notions of inclusivity, collaboration and inspiration. These are embodied through the dedicated teaching, individual support and caring approach that is provided to each and every of our individual students.

As a place of learning and inspiration, we treat the students as young adults, and so there is a first name policy between students and staff, as well as a non- uniform policy. This is to ease the transition between secondary school and university, and to provide students with the opportunity to conduct themselves as young adults.

William Morris Sixth Form believes in seeing its students as individuals who are entering the adult world of further education, which is seen through the provision of work experience opportunities, extra- curricular courses and workshops with employment and Higher Destination agencies.

We welcome new ideas that will further support our values, so please contact the school if you have feedback or ideas based around these principles.